Friday, August 29, 2008

Bad News for Bam Childress

Bam Childress
The Philadelphia Eagles have announced that they have released eight players, trimming their roster from 75 player to 67.

Gone are receiver Bam Childress, cornerback Therrian Fontenot, cornerback Nick Graham, receiver Jamal Jones, running back Ryan Moats, safety Marcus Paschal, offensive lineman Stefan Rodgers, and linebacker Pago Tagofau.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Outstanding Guido Dance!

Joe thanks again for the great video. Have fun this weekend in Belmar. Joe also sent along these great Jersey pics.

Ultimate Guido
Jersey Girls

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Usa vs China basketball

First off I disagree with Bing Bong, I am into the Olympics. i care about the medal count and i care that USA does well. I agree that some of the events are foolish, but Basketball is great.
Kobe, Team USA
I DVRed the game vs. China and Yao Ming and watched it Sunday night. I knew who won and I even knew the score but it didn't matter. Watching the NBA's best minus Garnett, Dunkin, and Pierce play an up tempo game of great blocks (Lebron) and great dunks was very exiting.

It is amazing how far basketball has come and how much the players have developed since the Dream Team days. China hung around for much of the game and really just is not deep enough to hang with USA. Tuesday the 12th at 8PM EST is the next game. Don't miss it, this is great basketball and what I think we all want basketball to be.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Why the Olypics are Gay - Reason #241

Watch out! The Synchronized Swimming Team is coming for you!!!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Not happy with the trade.

Manny and papi
So let me get this straight, we just gave up one of the premier right hand hitters of all time in Manny Ramirez, an ok 4th outfielder and a middle reliever whom i think will turn out to be serviceable and 7 million dollars for Jason Bay? Jason Bay seems like a pretty good ball player that will fit in and do all right, but don't you think we gave up too much?

Don't forget with Manny protecting him opposing teams only intentionally walked Papi on average 8 times a year. though a couple years ago when Manny missed 30 games at the end of the season Papi was INT. Walked 8 times in 30 games. So the Sox also traded away a piece of David Ortiz. It's hard to be mister clutch when the catcher stands up to catch 4 quick ones.

If he had to go and the reports are true that the veterans were asked and they said, "let him go" then I understand. My only problem with this is the fact that we gave away way to much for Jason Bay. We shouldn't be paying Manny to play for the Dodgers.

I'll Miss Manny

I guess everyone in Boston hates Manny now but not me. He'll always be one of my favorite players. He was the best hitter I've ever watched and the Red Sox would still be a cursed franchise with no World Series Championships since 1918 without him. So what if he attacked the traveling secretary and bitch-slapped Youk in the grill - maybe they deserved it. Everyone needs to stop acting like they're the owners of the team. Who cares how much the Red Sox paid Manny - it's not our money. The guy was a great player for the Red Sox. How many guys sign huge contracts and suck after that - not Manny. I liked Manny because he was an awesome player and entertaining to watch. I'm not even saying I'm against the trade. It's probably time for the Red Sox and Manny to part ways - but let's not forget what Manny did here in Boston. You can choose to remember the crap the media throws out there about Manny or you can remember what Manny did on the field. I'm an "on the field" guy. Above all else he had the best quote ever right after they won the World Series in 2004: "It was our destination". What's not to love? Loosen up and relax people.