Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Boston Sports

Somebody in Boston just got excited. First the Pats trade for Mr. Randy Moss. Then the Bruins go ahead and sign a bunch of bartenders..I mean hockey players. Then in the same day, Kevin Garnett and Eric Gagne arrive in Boston. I mean…to be honest…yup, there it goes, it twitched!?!?! Revolution, you are next on the board. At this point, the only thing that would surprise me is if they sign Pele to a 10 day contract. Besides the Sox adding another arm to their arsenal, they have the lead and fans are ready to go for the playoffs. The Patsy’s just started camp and it smells good. And now, I’m bringing out some old footage of the Chief banging against Bill Cartwright under the boards. As far as the two remaining starters for the Celts….I mean you could take two guys coming out of Cask n’ Flagons and throw some unies on them and they’ll still win 55 games.

I see good things, like the time I saw the Sox bring in Bob Stanley to close it…..too soon?

Monday, July 30, 2007

Boston Celtics - umm yes please

So, the Celtics took a page from the Bruins and pulled the trigger on a trade. Recently, the Bruins made a trade for a goalie...Yahoo!Sports reports that the Boston Celtics will now acquire Kevin Garnett from the Minnesota Timberwolves. This is a big trade for the Celtics and what most people will say, the East. Taking a look into what the C's gave up, it seems they are looking at winning now instead of building for the future. KG will lining up with Pierce, Ray Allen and others as they try to make the playoffs(please oh lord – and when I say lord I mean Larry Bird). So I think these big 3(which are not even close to the original Big 3 of Celtics lore from the 80’s - subtle shorts) have some pressure to perform. Since all of them are in their thirties and none of them have performed diddly-poo in the playoffs AND they gave away the core of their young nucleus….just saying I hope they perform well. To Danny Ainge – how many late night phone calls promising dinners to Kevin McHale did it take to make this deal?? Apparently the new Boston way…can’t win so we trade for the players….huh, weird, where have I seen this before?!?!?

Boston Celtics - umm yes please

So the rumor of KG going to the Celtics is on again; reported by Jeff Goodman of Foxsports.com. Not gonna lie here, if the Celtics get KG, they have to be respected as a contender right away. Pierce, Ray and Garnett alone are pretty impressive. You throw in Green and a few others for the youth and daddy like. Plus in the 'deal' would be getting rid of Theo Ratliff, I mean I guess he's alright if you like paying close to $12 mil a year for a seat warmer. Anyway, I say get it done to Danny boy and the rest of the Celts front office.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pats Camp Is In full Swing

Here are Mike Reiss's of the boston globe's observations from yesterday

Here are five observations from today's second practice, which was attended by 3,410 spectators:

1) Cornerback depth. When Chad Scott was carted off the field with what looked like a serious injury, the Patriots' personnel at cornerback came into sharper focus. Randall Gay moved up to play opposite of Ellis Hobbs. The team also had 12-year veteran Tory James, rookie Mike Richardson (sixth round) and second-year man Gemara Williams taking snaps at corner. With Asante Samuel remaining away from training camp, this is an area that could need reinforcements.

2) Maroney's move. Earlier in the day, running back Laurence Maroney mentioned that if there was one part of his game that he hoped to improve, it was his pass-catching and route-running. So far, so good. In a drill in which backs caught passes against linebackers, Maroney put a nifty move on linebacker Tedy Bruschi, and as Bruschi fell down, it drew a reaction from the crowd.

3) Gunners at the goal-line. Gunner on punt coverage is one of the more underappreciated aspects of the game and second-year man Willie Andrews showed his expertise by keeping his feet in the field of play and downing a punt near the goal-line. That drew the approval of special teams coach Brad Seely. Andrews is a seventh-round pick in 2006 who tied for the team lead with 15 special teams tackles last year. He's the type of player who is easy to overlook, but he should have a place on the team's 53-man roster.

4) Receivers and special teams. However the competitive race for receiver roster spots turns out, special teams figures to be a key factor. Players vying for the fourth, fifth and possibly sixth spots at receiver will have to contribute on special teams and that could help Kelley Washington's cause. Washington was working as a gunner and has been part of special teams units with the Bengals.

5) Scouts in the house. Several of the team's scouts watched practice this afternoon. That can be a beneficial experience, getting an up-close view of what the coaching staff is looking for at each position, and then taking that on the road to colleges when scouting players.

SATURDAY PLAN: The Patriots are scheduled to hold one practice on Saturday (2:30 p.m.). It is closed to the public due to a concert being held at Gillette Stadium. Our first update will be from practice.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

So far so good

Dont you just love it when the Bats are hitting. It takes a slip up from the starter in this case Kason and makes it ok.

woo hoo go sox

Wednesday, July 25, 2007



Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dice K Is the MAN!!

Dice-K is THAT GOOD! This guy is worth the money. this is not a he is having a good day post, of course he has had some bumps in the road. But this Clevland team can flat out rake and he is getting it done once again.

Great JoB TheO great signing.

This Kid Is Nasty

Lester. Great Job, now throw 7 innings

Lester was great. My only concern is that i hope he can keep his pitch count down and become a 7 inning pitcher. Last night was great adn 6 was enough. But if you recall last year he had trouble hanging around late int games like kason has been doing.

I hope t osee this improve, but overall i am so happy with his progress.

Bud Selig, are you retarded?

Come on Bud! Who the hell is this guy? Mr. Indecisive? Mr. I Don't Want To Endorse Baseball? Mr. Racist? Yep that's right... he's a racist! Well maybe that's a little overboard but he is absolutely rick-dick-u-lus. In a day when baseball is clouded by the big head of HGH and other performance enhancers, when stadiums like Tropicana only fill up during hurricane Katrina, and when all the fans want is someone to cheer for - the biggest "say so", Bud Selig, is saying nothing. He's not gonna ride the biggest wave in baseball history since the Iron Man, Cal Ripkin? How do you play 2131 games without steroids? I take them just to go to work everyday.


Barry isn't all that bad. I mean yeah he's an a***ole and yeah he doesn't deal with the public that well and yeah he kinda has a g** Michael Jackson voice but really he's not that bad. Not bad enough for Bud to absolutely cut him off. Bud is telling every fan in baseball that this in not right, that the sport is not "2 legit to quit", that we should all stop watching. This is the second biggest record in baseball history and Selig is a no show.

So Bud if you happen to see this...Hop on your private Jet, take an upper and go stand next to Barry with a red, white and blue sparkler in your hand. Cause your missing one hell of a photo opp you bitter S.O.B. you.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Cmon guys we need to get it done tonight for Lester

3-0 baby

good job JD

Live - Red Sox vs Cleveland

To all those who wish to get live posts and respond live, grab a beer, put your feet up and enjoy!!

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Who cares?

Jon Lester Starts Tonight In Cleveland

Jon Lester returns tonight from the minor leagues and more importantly his fight with Cancer. It would certainly be nice if he could have returned in Fenway or against a team a little worse off than Cleveland but hey I am happy he's back.

But there is no way that when Schilling comes back that Lester can prove to be better than what we have got from Kason Gabard right? Long term potential aside right now, kason may be better. Its tough I guess because they both cant start if and when Curt comes back. I guess its a good problem to have.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Saw this and if you didn't see it, YOU SHOULD

The Fan's at Fenway did a great thing with their tribute for Trot Nixon. Take a look at what they did when trot came to the plate.

Way to stay Classy Fenway!!

Padraig Harrington Wins The 136th open Championship

Padraig Harrington wins the open in a playoff over sergio!

Watching finaly sink the playoff putt on 18 after giving Sergio some hope was nice. I am happy for him.

BUT isn't it funner when Tiger wins everything????

Friday, July 20, 2007


The Sox really needed this win tonight and how about J.D. Drew and Julio Lugo coming up big. LUGO makes my head hurt when I think about how poorly he played to start the season.







are they robbing Drew of a Home Run?

Dont tell me they are going to steal a homerun from DREW?

Would you trade Jon lester for Mark Teixeira?

We all know who and what Jon Lester is. What he may become is a different story. I want to Win NOW and I would like Mark Teixeira's Bat

It's obvious that we need hit and runs and more power and I for one am willing to give up something to get these numbers AVG .302 HR 13 RBI 45 OBP .410 SLG .552

Teixeira is younger than YOUK and we would have him next year as well. He put up those numbers for Baseball's worst team and in this lineup I feel he would and could do even more.

We have not had a #5 hitter for a long time, lets go get one.

Thats Bing-Bong on the right!!


Yeah Joey you lucked out huh? Where is Matt Schaub when you need him? Will Culpepper go to Atlanta over Jacksonville? I would love to hear Bobby Petrino's private thoughts on this whole situation. Will he want to draft Brian Brauhm (spelling?) his old QB from Louisville next year?

Joey Harrington must be very pleased with all of this.

Why go after Pacman and not Michael Vick?

Why does Roger Goodell sit back and not go after Michael Vick? Guilty or not the there was dog fighting on his property was there not? Pac Man Jones, Chris Henry, and Tank Johnson all were suspended and Pac Man was suspended for getting nearly into trouble allot, he wasn't convicted.

Either step up and suspend him or reinstate the other bad seeds!

Vick getting a Paid leave of absence (vacation) is not acceptable.

If the dog did bite, you must indite



Thursday, July 19, 2007


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When did we get this hitter of a shortstop?

Julio Lugo, is been playing very good lately! hard to believe, i know. So far tonight in the 3rd he has a run and a RBI. Where was this guy all year. We need J.D. Boo to pick it up now.

I guess we had to know that he wasn't as bad as we have seen. I am happy that we are seeing this and hopeit continues, maybe he is a quality lead off man.

Check Stub Hub for Tickets lately?

Jermaine Dye or J.D. Worst

The Providence Journal reports the Sox took a run at acquiring Jermaine Dye from the White Sox, but,

"According to sources, Dye has told the White Sox that he does not want to go somewhere where he won’t be in the everyday lineup. Dye is a free agent at the end of this season and doesn’t want to diminish his value further by playing irregularly.

The Sox had envisioned Dye as someone who could play right field against lefties, spell Manny Ramirez in left and come off the bench as a late-inning power weapon. But that role wouldn’t suit Dye.

Dye does not have a no-trade clause, but owner Jerry Reinsdorf and general manager Kenny Williams won’t send Dye somewhere against his will, removing Boston as a potential landing spot."

It is hard to imagine a big name being worse than J.D. Worst, but if you look at the stats Jermaine Dye has been pretty terrible this year. J.D. has a .220 average with with runners in scoring position while Dye's is .198. Dye has a better slugging % while J.D. Worst has a better .OBP and .AVG. So despite the big name of Dye, losing prospects for him might not be worth it. Even though I would still trade Jeff Bailey straight up for him.

Only a matter of time...

The Red Sox vs. Yankees rivalry is the best in all of sports. It's a fact so seldom disputed that the mere thought of challenging it puts you on the short bus to "di-duh-di" ville. Its another fact that blow-outs don't sell tickets. Have you ever seen the 9th inning in a 16-1 beating of the Blue Jays over the D Rays? No! Everyone left the stadium, changed the channel to a repeat of Seinfeld, or passed out from sheer boredom.

It was only a matter of time before the Yankees came back to make it close. As much as Boston fans would love to finish the season 15 games ahead of the Yanks and the rest of AL East (there are other teams in our division if you forgot), it just doesn't make sense for the sport of baseball. They need this rivalry for the mullah. They need each game to matter so every swing and miss, every ball in the dirt and every pop fly to the catcher keeps you swearing at the tv and not change the channel to Will and Grace (Jay I'm talking to you). It keeps ratings up, stadiums full (for any respectable team anyway) and fans of all teams interested in a sport where 1 out of 162 doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

So as a red sox fan now only 7 games ahead I say lets make it close...let the yanks get the wild card and lets kick the shit out of them in the playoffs!


These 2 guys need to pick it up. They are here for a reason and its not to be simply ok. Boston.com had a poll the other day that let you grade each one of the sox players, i gave these 2 guys C's. Remember when they and most of all PAPI almost guaranteed you a win if he was at bat close and late?

What happened, they need to pick it up!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The Red Sox should kill the Royals, I can understand if KC wins a game here and there but If we can't score here in the 9th inning we will have split the season series. This is as Bing-Bong say Ric-Dicoulus. What can we do to get this team to hit more? Is it time to put Taveras in the bull pen? I don't understand does the team dislike LUGO so much that when he is hitting .500 and something over his last 38 at bats or whatever we can't win so he can't feel good about himself.

This is Rough.

And don't get me started on J.D. Drew or should we say BOO.

I need some help on this one.

post a comment if you want to be able to post a comment, we can set that up if you have something to say.


How important is he? Do we need him? Can Blue Gay be as good as he first looked 2 years ago?

what do you think?

WOW who was sitting in the bleachers last night during another UGLY Red Sox Loss? Something to look at instead of a 9-3 Loss to a triple A club.

Your Welcome...

Allow myself to introduce...well, myself. To the millions and millions of people the have stumbled upon this blog in your search for Paris Hilton videos , your welcome! Your welcome for bringing you a future conglomerate of websites that will bring you everything your heart desires (including Paris Hilton Videos of course). Through Guysliving.com and soon to come, youHACKJOB.com you will be able to contribute to forums, catch up on some sports knowledge, learn how to buy the right cigars and pretty much find out anything you need to make you the man.

As far as this patriots blog goes I would like to document my early predictions that they will go 14-2, drop randy moss mid season, and win a championship. That's all for now.


STARTING TO LOOK LIKE MIKE VICK IS GOING TO JAIL! SAY IT ISN'T SO MICHAL. If you would like to see the court documents visit The Smoking Gun

Pats Sign RB, Hairston

Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe has reported that the Patriots have signed running back Justise Hairston, one of their sixth-round draft choices.