Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bring It On!

The Red Sox wrapped up their 2007 regular season with a 3 - 2 loss to the Minnesota Twins today but it was a moot point as they secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs with Saturday's win. They managed to load the bases with one out in the ninth but Bobby Kielty and Doug Mirabelli both whiffed, giving the Twins' closer, Joe Nathan, his 37th save of the year.

Boston is well set up for the playoffs, as Terry Francona has given his regulars days off and held Curt Schilling back from the start today. Red reports that David Ortiz had a cortisone shot yesterday in his ailing knee and is already saying that he feels better. With Ortiz and Ramirez healthier and Mike Lowell continuing his stellar efforts, Boston's 3-4-5 spots in the order should be a major concern for the Angels in the ALDS.

The Red Sox Cy Young frontrunner, Josh Beckett, faces the Angels' John Lackey in the series opener on Wednesday at Fenway.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 2 Thoughts

So I know that it's WAYYYY too early to make any type of predictions with the NFL season, but I think some things will continue to stay true. Here are some of my observations of the young NFL season.
  • The NE Patriots will become the best offensive team in league history.
  • No one will remember the video tape incident next year. (I will not call this ‘Spygate’ or whatever people are calling it simply b/c it’s the Patriots. By the way, EVERY team does it!!!!)
  • The bubble will burst for the Texans, Lions and Packers.
  • The NY Giants ARE as bad they seem to be.
  • Ray Lewis is so good that he makes ‘it’ twitch
  • The Super Bowl will not host the Falcons or the Chiefs
  • Vince Young is the poor man’s Vick. (QB not dog trainer) A great athlete, but not a quarterback
  • Monday night football is better without Joe Theisman
  • Rex Grossman is still one of the worst starting QB’s in the league.
  • San Diego’s new uniforms look phenomenal
  • Steve Smith is still the most underrated player in the league
  • This year will be the year of the pass
  • The Broncos and the 49ers are for real
  • The over/under is 5 for the number of stories brought out about teams cheating somehow
  • Tony Romo IS a dominate QB
  • Reggie Bush is the most overrated player….will he ever try to run it up the middle!??!?!
  • Kellen Clemens will end the year as the Jets QB

Friday, September 14, 2007

This guy sucks...

John Clayton Says "Penalty Too Light.
Bill Belichick and his team deserved a much stiffer penalty than the fines and loss of picks they got for spying on the Jets. "
Who the hell are you John Clayton? Who do you know? How many licks did it take for you to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Who framed Roger Rabbit? These are all questions that come to mind whenever I hear this guys pathetic excuse for a post pubescent voice.
How would you know what the Pat's should be fined? This has never happened before. Correction, this happens during every NFL game but the Pats just got ratted out by John Clayton's butt buddy, Eric Fag-gini. I think nearly 1 mil. in fines and a first round draft pick is like John Clayton, pretty stiff. How does this guy make analysis base on todays NFL when he has one foot in the grave? John Clayton, stick to looking like a chicken and get off espn. Ass!


First off, what a game. The passion the nationalism was so wonderful. This was an awsome game to go to for an American Football fan. OUTSTANDING. FINAL SCORE 3-1 Brasil.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If your not cheating....

You know that feeling you get when you wake up on a Sunday morning and your a little hung over from the night before. Then you look at the ceiling rubbing the sh!t out of your eyes and you realize you have no idea where you are. THEN you roll over to meet the possible birth mother of your first son and judging by her gene pool he's gonna end up being an offensive lineman.

You know that feeling? Well that's the feeling I had when I heard that today's Vince Lombardi was making more of a run for today's Richard Nixon. Cheating? Bill Belichick a cheater? I mean other than cheating on his wife which I have come to accept and to be honest appreciate, I can't believe Bill is a cheater. But lets just assume he is for the sake of conversation. Let's say that Bill has had staff members armed with a zoom lens ("enhance...enhance....enhance..."), satellites peering in at opposing team's practice sessions, let's say that Bill went as far as to kidnap Peyton Manning-install a computer chip in his big freaking head and steal his audible calls...SO WHAT?!?!? He cheated...weird.

Somebody is always trying to get a competitive edge in pro sports and 99.9% of the time that edge does not comply with the rule book. It's kinda like a "Code Red" from a Few Good Men, you can't read about it in the marine guideline book but there are a lot of things you cant read about in that book like finding your way to mess hall (Mad props to Tom Cruise for winning that case too). So basically what I'm getting at is that everyone is cheating at all times and as bad as that sounds it makes for a even playing field. Sure I don't like the idea of the Patriots cheating but to put it simply I don't care. We've been nasty, we're still are nasty and we're going to be more nasty toward the end of the season. If it takes a little camera action to get that egde so be it.

Bill your still a genius to me. we're never a Patriot, you were always a Rat!

The Act of Reneging

1. To go back on (a promise, agreement, deal, etc).

Form: renege on something (often)2. To renounce (a promise, etc) or desert (a person, faith, etc).3. cards.

To revoke (sense 2).

So I would just like to say that I was completely wrong about Randy Moss....the guy's sick and he has definitely bought into the Patriot's persona...cant be right all the time.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


SO I am watching the NFL tonight and I switch over to check on the sox. 6-6 1 out YOUK gets a hit , then Jacoby follows suit with a single. Bases Loaded 1 Out with JD DREW walking to the plate.... Is it me or would you rather see John Henry go up there instead? JD please do anything but ground into a double play! NOPE he hates all of Boston and grounds into the inning ending double play.

WHY WHY WHY does TITO want us to hate him so much can he not give JD Suck a break for say, i dont know the rest of the season? He brings nothing to the table. I think they dont want to pay the contract and wants someone to assassinate him. That is really the only plausible idea I can think of why this guy is allowed to step out of the dugout. DONT PINCH HIT JACOBY FOR KEILTY, DO IT FOR DREW PERMANENTLY.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Diary of a Mad Boston Sports Fan: Honey, I Shrunk the Lead

Diary of a Mad Boston Sports Fan: Honey, I Shrunk the Lead

Check out our friend couch potato's blog he has a great post.



Monday, September 3, 2007

That Was Certainly Interesting

The Sox finally beat the Jays into submission, 13-10. So much for both team's ERAs being under 4.00...

Quick notes...
Mike Lowell: 3-4, 4 RBI, 2 R, 1 BB, 1 SB
Jacoby Ellsbury: 2-5, 3 R, 1 BB
Dustin Pedroia: 3-5, 2 RBI, 3 R

Check out these numbers for Mike Lowell: .329, 18 HR, 101 RBI. So much for being the "throw-in" in the Beckett deal.

This win definitely qualifies as fugly but the Yankees got spanked by Tampa Bay today, so the lead is back up to 7. I'll have to rub that in my boss's face tomorrow. Bastid had the nerve to gloat during the Yankees series last week (only a Yankee fan would be arrogant enough to gloat when the Sox still had a 4 game lead).