Sunday, August 10, 2008

Usa vs China basketball

First off I disagree with Bing Bong, I am into the Olympics. i care about the medal count and i care that USA does well. I agree that some of the events are foolish, but Basketball is great.
Kobe, Team USA
I DVRed the game vs. China and Yao Ming and watched it Sunday night. I knew who won and I even knew the score but it didn't matter. Watching the NBA's best minus Garnett, Dunkin, and Pierce play an up tempo game of great blocks (Lebron) and great dunks was very exiting.

It is amazing how far basketball has come and how much the players have developed since the Dream Team days. China hung around for much of the game and really just is not deep enough to hang with USA. Tuesday the 12th at 8PM EST is the next game. Don't miss it, this is great basketball and what I think we all want basketball to be.

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