Friday, May 30, 2008

The 500 Club

It's Friday morning on the last day of the month. For a sales guy this is the last day to get the deal and I would do anything short of killing babies to get it done. With that said, I started thinking about steriods for sales. If there was a way for me to cheat and be one of the best salesmen of all time...would I do it? YES...yes I would. Even if it meant I would suffer the side effects down the road...who the hell cares about down the road.

All of this was going through my mind as I started to look at the 500 home run list. The list is spinkled with steriod users of recent years and I just couldn't get pasted the fact that Barry Bonds and Ken Griffey Jr. are


Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Gino Time!!

I hope to see this video a couple more times this season. The Celtics new Victory Cigar!

Celtics Game 5 vs Detriot

The garden was electric last night for Game 5 and the Green pretected the Home floor with a close win. Sherry and i sat up top and screamed and yelled and rooted the Celts to victory. Sweet Ray hit every shot and perk played better than he ever had and at half time had more rebounds than the entire Piston team.

Eastern Conference Finals
Boston Sports
Perk and KG
Belichick with a cougar
Scal where he belongs SITTING
Sherry and i
The Big Ticket
Ray Allen
Celtics Stats

Kentucky Road Trip Anyone?

Thanks to SECPOON

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boston Sports Blog, Guys Living Annual Fishing Trip

Well today we went fishing for striped bass out of Chatham Mass. It was rainy, windy and we woke up at 3AM. We had a great time and Ben, Balls, and Myself caught about 10 fish with Balls catching the most. HOWEVER none of the fish were keepers. Apparently we were fishing in the little kids area! Now i have gone out with the same charter before and caught so many fish you would have expected the rest to give up, but today wasn't our day. I am OK though because tomorrow I'll be at game 5 of the Celtics v pistons series.


a fish we did not catch
This loser cought one
a fish no one from guys living cought
we didnt catch this fish

Saturday, May 24, 2008

This is must win for the celtics!

It's the Eastern finals. You're the Boston Celtics. Where is the swagger and confidence that comes with putting on shamrock green on the road? Larry Bird would tell people what he was going to do, knowing that they couldn't stop him. It's going to get physical and rough when you play the Pistons, and that's the way you should like it. Play with that edge you do at home. Know that they can't stop you. You're harder than they are, they just took one from you in your house (where you were undefeated in the post season) now its time to take one back.

The Boston Sports Blog Loves Eva Mendes for these 5 reasons

Eva Mendes AKA Human Viagra is a smoke show and if you hadn't thought about that lately shame on you. When there is a human walking around that looks like this she should be thought about more often by more people. She deserves it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jessica Alba is Really Hot

It's official, Jessica Alba is my Favorite Jessica. This Skinny Smoke Show is the total package.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Legacy of a Douche Bag

Alren Spector could only pray to be this cool
Everyone wants to be known for something in their lifetime. They want to leave a legacy. For example when I pass away I will leave the legacy of "The Million Dollar Man" or for those who don't know....Rich, Handsome and overall a hell of a guy to know and sleep with. For some reason Arlen Specter wants to be infinitely known as a Douche Bag which is derived from the Latin term Dushious Baggious, meaning a person that is much like a bag of douche. Let me get this straight , Arlen (if that is even your real name). Gas prices are at an all time high, homeless people are funnier than ABC's TGIF, I have to take a loan out to go to the grocery store, illegal immigrants instinctively flock to the U.S. like the salmon of Capistrano, we might actually have a woman or black man as president and you demand a formal investigation of Spy Gate. Just because it has the word "Gate" in it's title doesn't mean it has the implications that Water Gate did. Stop trying to be the Whistle Blower on this thing. In fact I'm blowing the whistle on you, Specter. I'm blowing the douche bag whistle (that sounded a lot better in my head than it came out, a douche bag whistle would just be gross). I wonder if this has to do with your relationship with Comcast and the battle between the NFL network and your biggest campaign contributor. I don't even know how you got elected. Anyone that believes the JFK was killed with a bullet that can make right turns in mid-air is probably a Scientologist. Are you a Scientologist or are you just a complete kook. Scratch that, those two terms are synonymous anyway. I know you are an Eagles fan and that they suck but what gives you the right to become the end all be all of the NFL. Get off your high horse and stop being such a dwebazoid!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Celts Cavs Game 5

Jay-Z, Beyonce, Several Pats players, Antoine Walker, and the fat dude from Superbad accompanied 18,000 guys named Sully last night at the Garden. The beer was flowin, the crowd was rockin, and the atmosphere was everything you would expect at a Boston playoff game. After a slow start, the home crowd willed their team to a 96-89 victory and off to Cleveland for Game 6 we go.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What's so good about USC?

The Answer to this important question is simple...

The USC cheerleaders. One thing that southern California has apparently on lock down is HOT HOT HOT cheerleaders. Are they saving the rain forests? Are they going Green? Are they striving to bring the world peace? Are they overly concerned about the atrocities in Darfur? i have no idea and i don't care because they make the guys over here at GuysLiving Smile. So kick up your heels, shake your pom poms, and give some spirit fingers for the girls of USC!

Beauties in Hawaii
Worth 3 number one votes in the AP poll
what's not to Love
moist cheerleaders

Chuck Norris Update

The Chronicle of Higher Education released its list of 2008 commencement speakers and the big winners appear to be Carnegie Mellon (Al Gore) and Furman University (George W. Bush) while some choices (Lane College: Star Jones, Dowling College: Allan Houston) left us scratching our heads. Our personal favorite, however, is Liberty College, who will welcome Chuck Norris to the podium to address the graduating class.

Chuck norris Loves the boston Sports blog

Friday, May 9, 2008

Golf outing Video

Golf Outing Part Duex

The second Idearc Search Sales Team Golf Outing (ISS-TO-GO for short) was what some would consider a success. That is if your definition of success is 9 holes with a average loss of 6.7 balls per player. All and all it was a beautiful day for golf. After a break in the low pressure system that had caused havoc up and down the east coast, the sun broke through the clouds and the wind stayed on the backs of the ball balls. Conquest kept the ball short and straight while fighting off Gilbert's sexual advances. Gilbert started off on the right track but late in the round the bud light started taking effect and the drives sailed left. Miraculously Gilbert's ball would always take a sweet bounce off the redwoods and land in the fairway. After being called lucky, Gilbert started calling his shots and we all lost a little respect for him. New comer and virtually unknown, Adam Gandalf Zelda, had an impressive outing. Rumors are spreading that he has be using the force to keep his ball in play. Frodo Baggins will be heading up the investigation to see if there was any foul play. Lastly, Kevin Varieur, widely know as Bing Bong, The Million Dollar Man, Donkey Lips, Bull Dog and John Daly - opened his bank account to better improve his game. Although there were some improvements the conclusion is that The Million Dollar Man still sucks at golf. This should be an exciting season for the ISS-To-GO tour!

I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone's golf game:  it's called an eraser.
Daddys got a brand new bag
Yes, and now he has to worry about a Tiger on the course
Drink Em If you got em
We Are

a siren just went off as Tiger was about to hit his shot. Someone might be trying to steal his green jacket, his name is Bing Bong

a siren just went off as Tiger was about to hit his shot. Someone might be trying to steal his green jacket, his name is Bing Bong
Adam, Ben, and Bing Bong