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John Madden was in Green Bay to announce a football game one weekend
when he noticed a special telephone near the Packers' bench. He asked
QB Favre what it was used for and was told it was a hotline to God.
John asked if he could use it. Favre replied, 'Sure, but it will cost you $200.
John scratched his head, then thought, what the heck, I could use some
help picking games. He pulled out his wallet and paid $200. John's picks
were perfect that week.

The next week, John was in Indianapolis when he noticed that same kind
of phone on the Colts bench. He asked what the telephone was for and
Manning told him, 'It's a hotline to God if you want to use it, it will cost
you $500.' Recalling the previous week, John pulled out his wallet and
made the call. John's picks were perfect again that week.

Last weekend, John was in Foxborough, when he noticed the same kind of
telephone by the Pats' bench. He asked Tom Brady, 'Is that the
hotline to God?' Tom said, 'Yes, and if you want to use it, it will cost you
50 cents.' John looked incredulously at Brady and said, 'Wait a second,
I just paid $200 in Green Bay and $500 in Indianapolis to use the
same phone to God! Why do the Patriots only charge 50 cent?
Tom replied, 'Because in New England, it's a local call...
Welcome to God's Country.'.................


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

3 Great Quarterbacks JOKE

>> After retirement, three great QB's are headed to a card show to do an
>> autograph signing
>> tragically, their plane goes down en-route in a freak plane/bird
>> collision
>> peyton manning, brett favre and tom brady are killed, along with a
>> slew of insurance salesmen on their way to a convention
>> Manning, Favre and Brady arrive at the pearly gates together, and are
>> quickly escorted past the line to see the Man Himself
>> God asks Peyton Manning first: "What do you believe?"
>> Peyton thinks long and hard, looks God in the eye, and says, "I
>> believe in hard work, and in staying true to family and friends. I
>> believe in giving.
>> I was lucky, but I always tried to do right by my fans."
>> God can't help but see the essential goodness of Manning, and offers
>> him a seat to his left.
>> Then God turns to Brett Favreand says, "What do you believe?"
>> Brett says, "I believe passion, discipline, courage and honor are the
>> fundamentals of life. I, too, have been lucky, but win or lose, I've
>> always tried to be a true sportsman, both on and off the playing
>> fields."
>> God is greatly moved by Brett's sincere eloquence, and he offers him
>> a seat to his right.
>> Finally, God turns to Tom Brady: "And you,Tom, what do you believe?"
>> Tom replies, "I believe you're in my seat."

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Sean Taylor

So Sean Taylor is dead. I know we are all hurting badly so lets talk about it. The NFL is mourning the death of an outstanding citizen, someone that really gave back to the community, a modern day role model....for the future inmates of America! I mean come on! Who cares? This guy was nothing more than a good football player. Thats where the buck stops. The only reason why you should miss this guy if you aren't his direct family or friend is because now the Skins defense really sucks. Sure i feel bad for his family but lets stop making this guy out to be a saint. He has contributed nothing good to this world other than the ability to lay out a punter in the Pro Bowl. CLASSY Sean, real classy. There's a difference between liking someone because they pick the ball off and liking them because they work the soup line on thanksgiving for the poor. Sean Taylor wasn't the soup kitchen guy. He was the bad ass gangster that was real good at playing football. That's it. So lets just give it up already.

Bill Belichick's Road Show

Bill Belichick's Road Show

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Green Bay - Cheese'balls'

As I sat here thinking what sound a platypus makes, I began to ponder what a great epoch we are experiencing in the sports world right now.
As I slowly one-finger type this rant, we are seeing Boston teams display the greatness, the panache even that the great teams of the mid 80's flaunted. The Celtics are undefeated; the Patriots are turning into the Yankees circa late 90's. Come on, every one remembers Scott Brosius and how Kevin Youkillis is turning into the poor man's Scotty B. Too soon?
I'm pretty sure there's a soccer team that is playing for some title, where the winner gets a free tee shirt!
Else where the Yankees are soon to sign A-Rod, the baseball player in all the land; where in the new contract he gets partial ownership of everyone's future spawns. Barry Bonds made the news again although this time he has nothing to do with steroids….honestly….ok, maybe a little…..fine, YES! Can this guy ever keep any needles out of his ass?
College football is continuing to display and confirm that no one on any campuses does homework and or study. No team has had the domination of the Miami hurricanes of the 90's. So instead they tear down their stadium. I bet it was clean though,….cause I'm sure that many of their past players are working the janitorial team at the stadium.
College basketball is underway, but instead of seeing Dwight Howard playing for U. of Vermont (personal dream), I'm seeing D1 teams…(yes I said Division One, ..did you hear that college football…asses) are losing to lowering division teams.
So again, with all that's going on in the world of sportspersons, please remember the children…I know I have.

One last thought, do penguins have knees???!!??

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


On Sunday, the Patriots and Colts will meet in a battle of undefeated teams, which may turn out to be a preview of this year's AFC title game. These two conference foes have become quite familiar with each other over the last few years and Sunday's game has the makings of a classic.
So far this season, the Patriots have mercilessly rolled over all comers, behind the brilliant play of Tom Brady, who seems poised to rewrite the NFL record book this year. The Patriots' brilliance has largely overshadowed the incredible season the defending Super Bowl champs are having. The Colts, and their star quarterback Peyton Manning, can remedy that with a win in Indianapolis.

As the big game nears, we want to know which team SportsNation thinks has the edge. Can the Colts' defense hold the Patriots' offense? Which team has the better quarterback? And which player will have the biggest impact on the game?


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Adam Camara SOX in 6
Bing Bong SOX in 6
J Conquest SOX in 5
Gibby SOX in 5
Nick Palumbo SOX in 4
Alvin Amechi Rockies in 6
Howie Long SOX in 6
Tom Glavine SOX in 6
Jimmy Johnson SOX in 6
Sam Joseph SOX in 6
Ryan Hersh SOX in 6
Ben Gilbert SOX in 6
Ken Cannon Rockies in 6
Vinny Sciplini SOX in 5
Kevin Martin SOX in 6
Mike Weinstein SOX in 5
Antoine Walker SOX in 6
Dan lewis SOX in 6
Josh Fialky SOX in 7
Seth Sienkiewicz SOX in 6
Jamie Scherban SOX in 5
Nick Perron SOX in 6
Benjamin Johnston SOX in 6
Ben Jones SOX in 6
Jennifer Lang SOX in 7
Dirty Jim SOX in 5
Ben Karter Rockies in 7
Phil Bonin SOX in 6

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nice Hit MANNY

Clevland shortstop J honny just missed a tough bounce off of mannys bat 1-0

Mike lowell delivers bases loades baby


Outstanding first inning!

Travis "Pronk" Haffner is terrible why can't he hit?

Let's Go Sox, lets jump on the board early here.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Couture Explains Reasons For Walking Away

Cowboys? More like Cow...noise!?!?!?

Yeah I said cow noise. Mooooooooo. Which could possibly sound like Booooooooo if you weren't listening intently. And that's what the cowboys should NOT be getting. Boooo's. Are ya lost yet? Are ya? Let me explain. The Cowboys should not be discouraged by the 48-27 loss to the NE Patriots. They were suppose to lose. Everyone is suppose to lose to these guys. Their friggin great. Tom Brady is a champion, Randy is Dandy, Wes is white and really fast, Dante is enfuego, the o line is near flawless which puts any running back in a prime position, and our defense is just better than yours. So lets give the cowboys a little credit. I mean before this game 99% of the media was in love with the fact (opinion really) that Tony Romo was the second coming of Brett Favre. Don't forget what has made Brett Favre so incredible. He's been playing for 135 years and never missed a game. Romo has played 10 or so...Let's get real. The kid is pretty good and pulls some good looking girls but he's got a long way to go. The Dallas D sacked Brady 3 time and forced a fumble for a touch down. That's better than all 5 teams before them combined. Dallas did a lot of good things I'm sure would be good enough to beat anyone else out there. So good job Dallas probably see you in the super bowl. Also, Wade Phillips father's name is Bum... Bum Phillips. That's just funny.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Texas Toast

The Patriots pounded the Cowboys today by a score of 48-27. The lopsided score gives no indication that the game was close in the third quarter and that the 'Boys had, in fact, taken a 24-21 lead. It also doesn't include 2 touchdowns - both by Randy Moss - that were taken away, one on a challenge and one by offensive pass interference.

In the process, three much-ballyhooed matchups never really materialized. The first was the obvious pairing of two undefeated teams and the rampant speculation that Dallas could stop the New England offense. Once Tom Brady passed for 3 touchdowns in the first half alone, that speculation seemed to be proven incorrect and New England scored seemingly at will to take complete control of the game late in the third.

The second matchup involves a pair of 81s, Moss and Dallas wide receiver Terrell Owens. They both had 6 catches, Moss for 59 yards and Owens for 66, with one TD each. Moss had the two nullified scores but the reality is that neither figured prominently, at least statistically speaking. Moss had a greater impact on the outcome of the game, however, as the double- and triple-teaming freed both Wes Welker and Donte Stallworth from coverage. Welker went 11-124, 2 TDs and Stallworth had 7 catches for 136 yards including a 69 yard throw-and-catch that was New England's longest pass play of the year. By contrast, none of Dallas' other receivers gained more than 66 yards.

The last was the contest between the alleged "cheater", Bill Belichick, and the "bleater", Wade Phillips. By now, most people have probably heard about the comments Phillips allegedly made to Sports Illustrated columnist, Peter King; comments which the head coach now says that he never made. Admittedly, King is becoming a boring one-note wonder with his incessant harping on Videogate but I hardly think he would be so foolhardy as to jeopardize his career by falsely attributing comments to someone by name. (Note to King: take a page from "Shank" Shaughnessy's playbook and go the "unnamed sources in the locker room" route) All Phillips accomplished was to hand bulletin-board fodder to the Patriots and make his team vulnerable to today's beatdown. He telegraphed his intent to double-team Moss "all day" in a radio interview several days ago which obviously gave Belichick time to develop his counter-strategy. In short, Phillips was outcoached and outclassed by the Patriots head coach, both on- and off the field.

With losses by the Jets and Dolphins, and Buffalo's bye week, the Patriots already have a 5 game lead in the division. New England travels to Miami next week to face the winless Dolphins, a trap game if ever there was one.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Curt seals the deal!!

I wasn't sure the ol' man had it in him, but Curt was flat out dealing last night. As soon as PAPI and Man-Ram went back to back I knew it was over but I did not think Schill had that kind of performance in HIM.
Great JOB

Friday, October 5, 2007

Bing Bong's Red Sox Playoff Prediction

Tonight the Boston Red Sox will take on the two-town Angels for game two of the ALDS. Most blogs will comment on things that happened the past but this unique post is going outline the TBS broadcast for 8:30 tonight. Let's get started
  • Dice K will throw the first pitch high and outside.

  • The umpires will blow 3 calls. 2 in the favor of the red sox

  • Jose Mota will freeze up on screen then spontaneously cumbust

  • Manny goes yard to right center

  • Youuuk will get beaned

  • Varitek will go 0-3 with a walk

  • J.D. will stay hot going 2-4 followed by a pulled big toe

  • Jacoby will contribute "something like a phenomenon" (Ladies Love Cool James)

  • Final Score: Red Sox 8 Angels 3

  • Over-Under Jose Mota Mistakes - 16 through 3 appearances

  • Over-Under pitches missed due to poor TBS broadcasting - 26

  • I also predict the Terry Francona will pack the biggest chewie of his life

That all

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The Gambler

If you enjoy, or in my case are addicted to gambling here are this week's NFL LOCKS!

-Bet the wife and kids on Jacksonville -2 at KC (The Chiefs had a great win last week on the road against the Chargers and a sign of a poorly coached team is losing at home right after a great road win).

- 3 Team Teaser (6 point) of the week: Tease Tenn to -2, Pitt to pick em, and Houston to +1

As John Anthony would say - I know these teams better than they know themselves...Let's make some money.

Scouting Report from WIKI and ... Jose Mota

After Josh's outstanding proformance last night, 12 Miller Lites, 2 Bong Rips and 4 hours of sleep, I knew that something had to be said of this impressive showing. But what can you said that the TBS announcers didn't already put into poetry? Well two things actually. The first can be found below in red. It's the scouting report from wikipedia on Josh Beckett. Maybe the Angels should have taken a look at it because they just looked silly. The second point I would like to bring up is that TBS sucks. And heres why------>

Jose Mota! Ohh my freaking God, Jose, you are horrible. You are the lettuce, tomato and special sauce on this whopper-sized-sh!t-burger TBS calls a broadcast of the AL and NLDS. Your comments during the 5th inning of last nights game were coming in at about a 3rd grade level. I mean I actually stood up looked around and asked out loud " Am I High or did Jose Mota just put together 6 sentences that have nothing to do with each other." I mean he really got locked up. Thank Comcast for DVR cause i watched that train wreak about 4 times in a row. TBS needs to step it up. Stop missing the first two pitches of every other inning. Stop pulling has-beens out of the crowd to talk about baseball. And stop trying to be a sports network. Stick to what you do best TBS, reruns of Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond.

And Don Orsillo.... F YOU!

"Beckett is a power pitcher with an over-the-top delivery. His four-seam fastball ranges from 92-98 mph, and Beckett imparts heavy tailing action to move it through the zone. He complements this with a heavy sinker (90-94 mph) a two-seam fastball (91-94 mph) a deceptive changeup that tails in at 82-86 mph, and an effective hard-breaking curve (73-79 mph). Beckett generally frustrates hitters by painting the outside corner with his fastball, tailing his changeups inside, and striking batters out swinging with his sinker and 12-6 curve."

Steve was at the game!

4 tickets to Josh Beckett's gem of a game 1, 12th row behind the dugout,,,,,,,, $0
Food and drink at game 1 of the 2007 playoffs,,,,,,,,,$0
Souvenirs at the game......... $0
Bringing a client to Josh's GEM, and all expenses are picked up on the company card..... PRICELESS!!!

Written by Steve

Great game 1 article

If you are looking for a great article on last nights game, you should read Tom Verducci's take which is located at


"Throw It Back! Throw It Back!"

Last Thursday I attended the Sox-Twins game at Fenway in one of the $495 dollar bleacher seats. I usually picture the singing recliners from Bob's Discount Furniture when I think about $500 dollar seats, but from sitting in the tiny bleacher seats I decided the only practical household function would be turning them into a baby high chair. I am sure they are sanitary. Nonetheless, the location of the seats proved worthwhile as a Twins home run ball landed two seats over. I got two finger tips on it, but not enough to reel it in. Believe me I am still kicking myself for not checking my girlfriend back a row for those extra couple of inches. The ball kicked around and someone picked it up, and everyone started chanting "Throw it back! Throw it back!" The guy did and then, to everyone's surprise, security came over and kicked him out. We all quickly learned why you never see highlights of fans throwing back home run balls at Fenway. I have mentioned this to a few people, and all were surprised of the Fenway Park policy. So let me warn you that even if Paul O'Neil is resurrected and hits a home run ball to you, and you feel the evilness sink into your skin with every second you hold it in your hand, don't throw it back. Instead offer to a bright eyed, young Yankee fan before throwing it in the trash.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


All I have to say is WOW! I met up at a local bar with an old buddy of mine and we watched the game, screamed and shouted and high fived. Beckett was out of this world and 1 word dominant. How lucky are we to have the sox and the Patriots? So lucky.

I'll wright some more on this tomorrow but ill finish with one word....WOW!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Harpoon Brew Fest '07

Sorry about the non sports post but i wanted to share the photo's from Harpoon Fest in Boston. make sure you support our sponsors and visit the google links on the right. Seriously check em out.

Upset City!

(5)W. Virginia 13- (18)S. Florida 21
(3)Oklahoma 24 -Colorado 27
Auburn 20 -(4) Florida 17
Kansas St. 41 -(7) Texas 21
Maryland 34- (10) Rutgers 24
Georgia Tech 13-(13) Clemson 3
Alabama lost to Florida State
Penn State lost to Illinois


The New York Mets ended the greatest downward spiral of suck in baseball history. The Rockies win 14 of 15 to clinch a playoff spot. The NFL is an unpredictable hodgepodge of unpredictability (for example: Lions over Bears...What the F*&K?!?!?). NASCAR's Clint Bowyer is on his way to winning...never mind no one cares. What I'm getting at is that this weekend put every bookie in the black for the rest of the season. This past weekend was sickening. Thank God I'm not a betting man and thank God for the seven degrees of Kevin Bacon. Do you smell what I'm Cooking?

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bring It On!

The Red Sox wrapped up their 2007 regular season with a 3 - 2 loss to the Minnesota Twins today but it was a moot point as they secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs with Saturday's win. They managed to load the bases with one out in the ninth but Bobby Kielty and Doug Mirabelli both whiffed, giving the Twins' closer, Joe Nathan, his 37th save of the year.

Boston is well set up for the playoffs, as Terry Francona has given his regulars days off and held Curt Schilling back from the start today. Red reports that David Ortiz had a cortisone shot yesterday in his ailing knee and is already saying that he feels better. With Ortiz and Ramirez healthier and Mike Lowell continuing his stellar efforts, Boston's 3-4-5 spots in the order should be a major concern for the Angels in the ALDS.

The Red Sox Cy Young frontrunner, Josh Beckett, faces the Angels' John Lackey in the series opener on Wednesday at Fenway.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 2 Thoughts

So I know that it's WAYYYY too early to make any type of predictions with the NFL season, but I think some things will continue to stay true. Here are some of my observations of the young NFL season.
  • The NE Patriots will become the best offensive team in league history.
  • No one will remember the video tape incident next year. (I will not call this ‘Spygate’ or whatever people are calling it simply b/c it’s the Patriots. By the way, EVERY team does it!!!!)
  • The bubble will burst for the Texans, Lions and Packers.
  • The NY Giants ARE as bad they seem to be.
  • Ray Lewis is so good that he makes ‘it’ twitch
  • The Super Bowl will not host the Falcons or the Chiefs
  • Vince Young is the poor man’s Vick. (QB not dog trainer) A great athlete, but not a quarterback
  • Monday night football is better without Joe Theisman
  • Rex Grossman is still one of the worst starting QB’s in the league.
  • San Diego’s new uniforms look phenomenal
  • Steve Smith is still the most underrated player in the league
  • This year will be the year of the pass
  • The Broncos and the 49ers are for real
  • The over/under is 5 for the number of stories brought out about teams cheating somehow
  • Tony Romo IS a dominate QB
  • Reggie Bush is the most overrated player….will he ever try to run it up the middle!??!?!
  • Kellen Clemens will end the year as the Jets QB

Friday, September 14, 2007

This guy sucks...

John Clayton Says "Penalty Too Light.
Bill Belichick and his team deserved a much stiffer penalty than the fines and loss of picks they got for spying on the Jets. "
Who the hell are you John Clayton? Who do you know? How many licks did it take for you to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Who framed Roger Rabbit? These are all questions that come to mind whenever I hear this guys pathetic excuse for a post pubescent voice.
How would you know what the Pat's should be fined? This has never happened before. Correction, this happens during every NFL game but the Pats just got ratted out by John Clayton's butt buddy, Eric Fag-gini. I think nearly 1 mil. in fines and a first round draft pick is like John Clayton, pretty stiff. How does this guy make analysis base on todays NFL when he has one foot in the grave? John Clayton, stick to looking like a chicken and get off espn. Ass!


First off, what a game. The passion the nationalism was so wonderful. This was an awsome game to go to for an American Football fan. OUTSTANDING. FINAL SCORE 3-1 Brasil.