Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wisconsin Badgers don't care about...spreads!

Wisconsin Badgers
Let me start out by saying I love Saturdays during the fall. And not because of the sweet smell of pumpkin pies or cheese platters at wineries, nor the sights of couples holding hands as they throw back their scarfs in the brisk chilly weather. Nope, it's because I get to sit in my my house, barely clothed, while shaking off last nights poor decisions. With the tv showing all scores of the day for college football and as I lay there, eating 3 day old wings....ah, fall Saturdays.

Well, instead of enjoying the scores as they come up....I was 4 games up on a 5 game tease. The one left is the new look Michigan Wolverines versus the vaunted Wisconsin Badgers. All I needed at this point is for Badgers to win by a half a point....let me repeat myself...A HALF OF ONE SINGLE POINT!!!

As I checked the score at half time, I'm up by 19. So one would think, well lets continue running the ball and let that clock tick. So, in this case one doesn't get his legs broken by uninvited guests.

So, later on I turned back to secure my teased games and what do I see...the Badgers, who really isn't that intimidating of an animal, cannot even get first downs, or run the ball efficiently. Forget about throwing the ball, the mongoloid who lives next door who's been watching the smurfs all day, could throw better then any QB who's come out of the Badger nation.

Needless to say, I was headed for a great afternoon, possible blowing my winnings on craigslist hookers, Doritos and yo-yo's. But nope, the Wisconsin Badgers had to ruin it by being not good!!!

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