Saturday, November 17, 2007

Green Bay - Cheese'balls'

As I sat here thinking what sound a platypus makes, I began to ponder what a great epoch we are experiencing in the sports world right now.
As I slowly one-finger type this rant, we are seeing Boston teams display the greatness, the panache even that the great teams of the mid 80's flaunted. The Celtics are undefeated; the Patriots are turning into the Yankees circa late 90's. Come on, every one remembers Scott Brosius and how Kevin Youkillis is turning into the poor man's Scotty B. Too soon?
I'm pretty sure there's a soccer team that is playing for some title, where the winner gets a free tee shirt!
Else where the Yankees are soon to sign A-Rod, the baseball player in all the land; where in the new contract he gets partial ownership of everyone's future spawns. Barry Bonds made the news again although this time he has nothing to do with steroids….honestly….ok, maybe a little…..fine, YES! Can this guy ever keep any needles out of his ass?
College football is continuing to display and confirm that no one on any campuses does homework and or study. No team has had the domination of the Miami hurricanes of the 90's. So instead they tear down their stadium. I bet it was clean though,….cause I'm sure that many of their past players are working the janitorial team at the stadium.
College basketball is underway, but instead of seeing Dwight Howard playing for U. of Vermont (personal dream), I'm seeing D1 teams…(yes I said Division One, ..did you hear that college football…asses) are losing to lowering division teams.
So again, with all that's going on in the world of sportspersons, please remember the children…I know I have.

One last thought, do penguins have knees???!!??

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