Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sean Taylor

So Sean Taylor is dead. I know we are all hurting badly so lets talk about it. The NFL is mourning the death of an outstanding citizen, someone that really gave back to the community, a modern day role model....for the future inmates of America! I mean come on! Who cares? This guy was nothing more than a good football player. Thats where the buck stops. The only reason why you should miss this guy if you aren't his direct family or friend is because now the Skins defense really sucks. Sure i feel bad for his family but lets stop making this guy out to be a saint. He has contributed nothing good to this world other than the ability to lay out a punter in the Pro Bowl. CLASSY Sean, real classy. There's a difference between liking someone because they pick the ball off and liking them because they work the soup line on thanksgiving for the poor. Sean Taylor wasn't the soup kitchen guy. He was the bad ass gangster that was real good at playing football. That's it. So lets just give it up already.

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Anonymous said...

Hey retard Sean Taylor is a good person he died defending his wife and child.