Thursday, July 31, 2008

A letter from Jeff about Manny

Good Day,

Let me just tell you what I think about Manny Ramirez. Here is a guy who has been over in the United States his whole life who can barely read and still cannot speak English. If this fu**ing guy couldn’t hit a baseball he would be knocking on your door at Whitney Carriage and saying I’m here to look at your water problem. This fu**ing guy makes 20 million dollars a year to hit a baseball. This guys has no respect for anybody but himself. He slaps Yukulis in the face in the dugout and no one cares (don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed watching that.) Throws an 65 year old man to the ground because he couldn’t get him 16 tickets to a sold out game 5 hours before first pitch. Has quit on his team many times throughout his 8 year career here. Refused to pinch hit when he had the day off. Has asked to be traded over 5 times. And after all this stupid shit, people still are having heart attacks with the fact that they might trade him. Hes a fucking disgrace and should be permanently expelled from baseball. And if they do trade him I hope when he comes back here, I hope that they throw tools at him. Its just Manny being Manny. No, its Manny being a fu**ing idiot. I hope he dies.

Thank you,

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