Monday, July 21, 2008

Wachusett Country Club ISO golf

Saturday July 12th 2008. Remember that date. It's not only important to you and I, it's important to your friends, your children and yo mama. July 12th 2008 will be etched in the history books as The Day 2 ISS-TO-GO team members drove the ball for a combine 710 yards. If that's not a stretch to find something good in a round of golf I don't know what's is. The team took their show on the road to a what was once voted The Best Public Course in The World, The Wachusett Country Club. Some people like the bells and whistles in life. If you're one of these people The Wachusett C.C. is for you. Talk about bells and whistles...Free Tees, GPS in all carts, a sick food/beer shack conveniently placed on the back nine between 4 holes, free VJ's, ball washers at every hole, and a bartended that will give you 4 Bacardi and Diets TO-GO. The only down side of this course is that it's tough. But all and all it was a good day and fun was had by all...except for Kevin on the 6 hole when the fate of his lofting wedge ended in the bottom of the lake. Word has it that the club sucked anyway and was egging him on all morning.
Guys Living contributors Jcon, Bing Bong, and Adam the Greek
Kevin Varieur after throwing club in pond
Adam The Greak Camara
Bleak and Kevin

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