Friday, August 1, 2008

Not happy with the trade.

Manny and papi
So let me get this straight, we just gave up one of the premier right hand hitters of all time in Manny Ramirez, an ok 4th outfielder and a middle reliever whom i think will turn out to be serviceable and 7 million dollars for Jason Bay? Jason Bay seems like a pretty good ball player that will fit in and do all right, but don't you think we gave up too much?

Don't forget with Manny protecting him opposing teams only intentionally walked Papi on average 8 times a year. though a couple years ago when Manny missed 30 games at the end of the season Papi was INT. Walked 8 times in 30 games. So the Sox also traded away a piece of David Ortiz. It's hard to be mister clutch when the catcher stands up to catch 4 quick ones.

If he had to go and the reports are true that the veterans were asked and they said, "let him go" then I understand. My only problem with this is the fact that we gave away way to much for Jason Bay. We shouldn't be paying Manny to play for the Dodgers.

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Anonymous said...

seems like it was a good trade now, doesn't it...