Sunday, August 19, 2007

ESPN - Is it toon soon to switch it to the Snorkels?

So has anyone noticed that ESPN has been running a schedule as if no one was watching? Don't get me wrong, I've been one of many that turn ESPN and SportsCenter on as soon as I wake up. But, besides their staple show, what have they done for me lately? So who were the 18 people who voted for the "Who’s Now" segment….you know who you are! It seems that ESPN has borrowed a page from MTV or Access Hollywood (I only know of these because of my roommate who acts like a 13 year old gigging girl watching them religiously). That segment forced Stuart Scott to act cool and trendy and talk how the "kids are talking". I'm sure the three featured celebrities didn't even know who he was looking at. And to take it a step further is the predictions of the upcoming College Football schedule. The same members who analysis college football , which do a great job DURING the season, are forced by ESPN programming to discuss how the season is going to play out. It's not like the sports world is hurting for stories right about now. I mean MLB is having a great season; from close division races to Bonds, A-Rod and Rick Ankiel.

Now I know ESPN would defend itself by saying that if someone wanted "up to minute sports news" than go watch ESPN - News….well….if they didn't put the interns there to host the show it would be different. I saw a youtube clip of a guy who's finishing line was "boom goes the dynamite", who could do a better job then the snor-a-than on ESPN news.

So I say bring the news, bring the highlights, not bring "the ideas of producers, who's backgrounds were editing the underwear section of the JC Penny's catalog". I mean, I would even go as far as saying I want Dan Patrick and his tag team partner Keith Olbermann back in the studio throwing it over to Kenny Mayne…think about it. Those 2 am shows were/still are classics.

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