Friday, August 3, 2007

When asked what the press should write about Moss’s injury, Belichick said to write, “whatever you want.”
"Whatever you want." That's probably what Bill's going to be telling reporters to write in the 8th week of the regular season when Bill drops Moss's a$$. Is Randy Moss an incredible talent? Sure. But is he a winner and a team player? Not so much. Randy Moss is everything Bill has stayed away from over the years. I find it hard to believe that Moss doesn't have a problem with being a role player or being the last piece of the puzzle. Unless that piece is dead center and the rest of the puzzle is built around him. Moss catches balls when he wants, takes plays off, disrupts team chemistry and is just the quintessence of everything that is wrong with sports.
Don't get me wrong. I hope my prediction is totally off but if history stays true, I think Moss will be on the sideline for at least half the season if not in his living room.

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jcon55 said...


predictions like this are what happens when you smoke your Breakfast Bing-Bong