Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 2 Thoughts

So I know that it's WAYYYY too early to make any type of predictions with the NFL season, but I think some things will continue to stay true. Here are some of my observations of the young NFL season.
  • The NE Patriots will become the best offensive team in league history.
  • No one will remember the video tape incident next year. (I will not call this ‘Spygate’ or whatever people are calling it simply b/c it’s the Patriots. By the way, EVERY team does it!!!!)
  • The bubble will burst for the Texans, Lions and Packers.
  • The NY Giants ARE as bad they seem to be.
  • Ray Lewis is so good that he makes ‘it’ twitch
  • The Super Bowl will not host the Falcons or the Chiefs
  • Vince Young is the poor man’s Vick. (QB not dog trainer) A great athlete, but not a quarterback
  • Monday night football is better without Joe Theisman
  • Rex Grossman is still one of the worst starting QB’s in the league.
  • San Diego’s new uniforms look phenomenal
  • Steve Smith is still the most underrated player in the league
  • This year will be the year of the pass
  • The Broncos and the 49ers are for real
  • The over/under is 5 for the number of stories brought out about teams cheating somehow
  • Tony Romo IS a dominate QB
  • Reggie Bush is the most overrated player….will he ever try to run it up the middle!??!?!
  • Kellen Clemens will end the year as the Jets QB

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