Thursday, September 6, 2007


SO I am watching the NFL tonight and I switch over to check on the sox. 6-6 1 out YOUK gets a hit , then Jacoby follows suit with a single. Bases Loaded 1 Out with JD DREW walking to the plate.... Is it me or would you rather see John Henry go up there instead? JD please do anything but ground into a double play! NOPE he hates all of Boston and grounds into the inning ending double play.

WHY WHY WHY does TITO want us to hate him so much can he not give JD Suck a break for say, i dont know the rest of the season? He brings nothing to the table. I think they dont want to pay the contract and wants someone to assassinate him. That is really the only plausible idea I can think of why this guy is allowed to step out of the dugout. DONT PINCH HIT JACOBY FOR KEILTY, DO IT FOR DREW PERMANENTLY.


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