Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If your not cheating....

You know that feeling you get when you wake up on a Sunday morning and your a little hung over from the night before. Then you look at the ceiling rubbing the sh!t out of your eyes and you realize you have no idea where you are. THEN you roll over to meet the possible birth mother of your first son and judging by her gene pool he's gonna end up being an offensive lineman.

You know that feeling? Well that's the feeling I had when I heard that today's Vince Lombardi was making more of a run for today's Richard Nixon. Cheating? Bill Belichick a cheater? I mean other than cheating on his wife which I have come to accept and to be honest appreciate, I can't believe Bill is a cheater. But lets just assume he is for the sake of conversation. Let's say that Bill has had staff members armed with a zoom lens ("enhance...enhance....enhance..."), satellites peering in at opposing team's practice sessions, let's say that Bill went as far as to kidnap Peyton Manning-install a computer chip in his big freaking head and steal his audible calls...SO WHAT?!?!? He cheated...weird.

Somebody is always trying to get a competitive edge in pro sports and 99.9% of the time that edge does not comply with the rule book. It's kinda like a "Code Red" from a Few Good Men, you can't read about it in the marine guideline book but there are a lot of things you cant read about in that book like finding your way to mess hall (Mad props to Tom Cruise for winning that case too). So basically what I'm getting at is that everyone is cheating at all times and as bad as that sounds it makes for a even playing field. Sure I don't like the idea of the Patriots cheating but to put it simply I don't care. We've been nasty, we're still are nasty and we're going to be more nasty toward the end of the season. If it takes a little camera action to get that egde so be it.

Bill your still a genius to me. we're never a Patriot, you were always a Rat!

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