Friday, June 13, 2008

"I SUCK" ~ Sasha Vujacic

Ah, if pictures could say a 1000 words this one would only say 2, "I SUCK!". After watching the Celtics battle back from being down 24 last night, catching my breath and evaluating the situation I came up with the following conclusions:

1) That was AWESOME

2) The Celts are undeniably the best team in basketball

3) The Black Mamba is a sick nick name and if I knew any African Americans personally, I would call them all Black Mamba

4) Paul Pierce is God, Ray Allen is indeed Jesus Shuttlesworth and Kevin Garnette is Xerxes

5) Kobe should bend over the back of a chair, thrust his chest into it repeatedly until he stops choking (see self Heimlich maneuver , its actually pretty sweet)

6) The Zen Master is creepy as hell. I know he's recognized as one of the best coaches of all time but I just can't get past his recent creepiness. It's like bizarro Phil Jackson has taken the initiative to make every press conference as creepy as watching porn with your I've heard.

7) L.A. is the epicenter of smug...get some real fans!

8) My 50 inch plasma was definitely worth the money. Watching the NBA in regular def is too easy to get confused with the LA Riots of the early 90...

9) Sasha was definitely crying after Ray made him look like 4th grader trying out for the middle school basketball team...

10) That was awesome. Thank YOU Danny Ainge

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