Sunday, June 1, 2008


HeY eliteXC, first of who calls you elite? Your doctors and refs aren't elite, they are terrible.
Robbie Lawler

Last Nights prime time MMA Tilt had everything set up I had nothing to do and looked forward to it. There were 2 good fight the whole night. Lawler and Smith (though it shouldn't have been stopped until smith was given his full 5 minutes) was shaping up to be a great fight and i look forward to tuning in for the re-match.

Gina Carano
The Chick fight was interesting except for the fact that apparently the face of women's MMA(Gina Carano) doesn't care enough about MMA to make weight. Kaitlin Young, Gina's competition would fare better next time if she would figure how to keep getting punched in the face.

The Headliner
Kimbo Slice
Why are people so interested in Kimbo Slice? Yes he is tough, yes he very strong. Do not confuse that for very good though, he is Bob Sapp, very entertaining and different but not one of the best, not even close. The proof is in the competition. James Thompson is not a very good fighter and loses as often as he wins and I had him beating Kimbo until the decided to give the win to Kimbo.

EliteXC should be embarrassed. Thank God that wasn't pay per view.

Oh and one last thing Phil Baroni is a joke.

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