Monday, October 15, 2007

Cowboys? More like Cow...noise!?!?!?

Yeah I said cow noise. Mooooooooo. Which could possibly sound like Booooooooo if you weren't listening intently. And that's what the cowboys should NOT be getting. Boooo's. Are ya lost yet? Are ya? Let me explain. The Cowboys should not be discouraged by the 48-27 loss to the NE Patriots. They were suppose to lose. Everyone is suppose to lose to these guys. Their friggin great. Tom Brady is a champion, Randy is Dandy, Wes is white and really fast, Dante is enfuego, the o line is near flawless which puts any running back in a prime position, and our defense is just better than yours. So lets give the cowboys a little credit. I mean before this game 99% of the media was in love with the fact (opinion really) that Tony Romo was the second coming of Brett Favre. Don't forget what has made Brett Favre so incredible. He's been playing for 135 years and never missed a game. Romo has played 10 or so...Let's get real. The kid is pretty good and pulls some good looking girls but he's got a long way to go. The Dallas D sacked Brady 3 time and forced a fumble for a touch down. That's better than all 5 teams before them combined. Dallas did a lot of good things I'm sure would be good enough to beat anyone else out there. So good job Dallas probably see you in the super bowl. Also, Wade Phillips father's name is Bum... Bum Phillips. That's just funny.

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