Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Upset City!

(5)W. Virginia 13- (18)S. Florida 21
(3)Oklahoma 24 -Colorado 27
Auburn 20 -(4) Florida 17
Kansas St. 41 -(7) Texas 21
Maryland 34- (10) Rutgers 24
Georgia Tech 13-(13) Clemson 3
Alabama lost to Florida State
Penn State lost to Illinois


The New York Mets ended the greatest downward spiral of suck in baseball history. The Rockies win 14 of 15 to clinch a playoff spot. The NFL is an unpredictable hodgepodge of unpredictability (for example: Lions over Bears...What the F*&K?!?!?). NASCAR's Clint Bowyer is on his way to winning...never mind no one cares. What I'm getting at is that this weekend put every bookie in the black for the rest of the season. This past weekend was sickening. Thank God I'm not a betting man and thank God for the seven degrees of Kevin Bacon. Do you smell what I'm Cooking?

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jcon55 said...

well put. and as always, thank god for kevin bacon