Thursday, October 4, 2007

Scouting Report from WIKI and ... Jose Mota

After Josh's outstanding proformance last night, 12 Miller Lites, 2 Bong Rips and 4 hours of sleep, I knew that something had to be said of this impressive showing. But what can you said that the TBS announcers didn't already put into poetry? Well two things actually. The first can be found below in red. It's the scouting report from wikipedia on Josh Beckett. Maybe the Angels should have taken a look at it because they just looked silly. The second point I would like to bring up is that TBS sucks. And heres why------>

Jose Mota! Ohh my freaking God, Jose, you are horrible. You are the lettuce, tomato and special sauce on this whopper-sized-sh!t-burger TBS calls a broadcast of the AL and NLDS. Your comments during the 5th inning of last nights game were coming in at about a 3rd grade level. I mean I actually stood up looked around and asked out loud " Am I High or did Jose Mota just put together 6 sentences that have nothing to do with each other." I mean he really got locked up. Thank Comcast for DVR cause i watched that train wreak about 4 times in a row. TBS needs to step it up. Stop missing the first two pitches of every other inning. Stop pulling has-beens out of the crowd to talk about baseball. And stop trying to be a sports network. Stick to what you do best TBS, reruns of Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond.

And Don Orsillo.... F YOU!

"Beckett is a power pitcher with an over-the-top delivery. His four-seam fastball ranges from 92-98 mph, and Beckett imparts heavy tailing action to move it through the zone. He complements this with a heavy sinker (90-94 mph) a two-seam fastball (91-94 mph) a deceptive changeup that tails in at 82-86 mph, and an effective hard-breaking curve (73-79 mph). Beckett generally frustrates hitters by painting the outside corner with his fastball, tailing his changeups inside, and striking batters out swinging with his sinker and 12-6 curve."

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