Monday, April 14, 2008

Jim Nance - "Hello friends..."

Jim Nance
If you caught the Masters this past weekend, I’m hoping you caught what I did. No, I’m not referring the usual Saturday night scare, but the voice that was describing Augusta and The Masters. The voice that describes every bad shot which ends up being a “marvelous display of artful movement”, I’m referring to Jim Nance. The way he uses words and the flow of the conversation is breathtaking. I doubt he even needs cue cards or a prompter to give him his lines. I found myself mesmerized by Jimmy describing the views, the moments, and even scenery as if he was reading an Edgar Allen Poe poem. I mean beautiful….and the man’s talking golf here. I’m pretty sure when I expire I want Jim Nance reading my eulogy so that way I sound interesting and not useless. The way he could describe my Friday nights of lying on the couch drinking cheap beer and dipping Doritos into blue cheese would make it as through I was a trend-setter or possibly my dipping skills comparable to “life changing” or “As good as it gets!”

Please see below for some memorable quotes from the great, the astonishing, the unsurpassed, the preeminent ….. Jim Nance.

“The Bear...has come out of hibernation.” (final round of 1986 Masters, referring to Jack Nicklaus)

“There it is, a win for the ages!” (1997 Masters, referring to Tiger Woods)

“Is it his time?...Yes!..At long last!” (2004 Masters, as Phil Mickelson made the tournament-winning shot for his first major)

“Watch his life change right here.” (2004 Masters, while watching Mickelson's reaction to his winning putt on videotape)

“A tradition unlike any other, The Masters on CBS.”

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