Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wake Up Celtics!

It's not a surprise that the Atlanta Hawks young players are outjumping and using their superior pure athleticism as an advantage over the older Celtics Big 3. What IS very surprising is that the Celtics veterans are not outsmarting the inexperienced Hawks players. The Hawks took 33 Free Throws last night compared to the Celtics 18. Why the Celtics are not taking advantage of the Hawks overaggresive defense and getting them in foul trouble I'll never know. Atlanta has just 1 decent player in Josh Childress (AKA Bubbles from the Wire) coming off the bench and thats it. I'm no Red Auerbach but I think the Celtics should GET TO THE FREE THROW LINE!

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Gilby said...

Did you get that inside info from NECN!!!!