Monday, April 14, 2008

The Masters

Does it feel like that whenever Tiger is playing on Sunday’s, it’s as if everyone is watching him to win? Think of one other dominate person/team that everyone cheers on to win…every single time. No one cheers for the Yankees to win every time they are won, or the Celtics (Boston fans would disagree). But to me it seems that the feeling in golf whenever Tiger is close on Sunday, announcers/bars/friends are coming up with every scenario possible for Tiger to win. For example on Sunday, when Immelman hit into the bunker on 17, the feeling of ‘wait a minute, if he shanks another and double bogey’s here, it’s in his head; he’s done. He’ll bogey 18 for a playoff’. But instead Trevor played a beautiful shot out of the bunker and went on to win. It just continues to baffle me how it seems the dominate player is cheered on to win. And…on top of that, it’s considered a bad week if Tiger does not win. He came in 2nd and it was considered a “surprise” or “let down” that he couldn’t put on the green jacket again.

Yes, I too was among the fans who were cheering on Tiger to win. Can anyone think of any other player/team who dominates the sport, who is consistently cheered on to win every single time?

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