Friday, May 16, 2008

Legacy of a Douche Bag

Alren Spector could only pray to be this cool
Everyone wants to be known for something in their lifetime. They want to leave a legacy. For example when I pass away I will leave the legacy of "The Million Dollar Man" or for those who don't know....Rich, Handsome and overall a hell of a guy to know and sleep with. For some reason Arlen Specter wants to be infinitely known as a Douche Bag which is derived from the Latin term Dushious Baggious, meaning a person that is much like a bag of douche. Let me get this straight , Arlen (if that is even your real name). Gas prices are at an all time high, homeless people are funnier than ABC's TGIF, I have to take a loan out to go to the grocery store, illegal immigrants instinctively flock to the U.S. like the salmon of Capistrano, we might actually have a woman or black man as president and you demand a formal investigation of Spy Gate. Just because it has the word "Gate" in it's title doesn't mean it has the implications that Water Gate did. Stop trying to be the Whistle Blower on this thing. In fact I'm blowing the whistle on you, Specter. I'm blowing the douche bag whistle (that sounded a lot better in my head than it came out, a douche bag whistle would just be gross). I wonder if this has to do with your relationship with Comcast and the battle between the NFL network and your biggest campaign contributor. I don't even know how you got elected. Anyone that believes the JFK was killed with a bullet that can make right turns in mid-air is probably a Scientologist. Are you a Scientologist or are you just a complete kook. Scratch that, those two terms are synonymous anyway. I know you are an Eagles fan and that they suck but what gives you the right to become the end all be all of the NFL. Get off your high horse and stop being such a dwebazoid!


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Wicked Pissa Dude said...

Couldn't agree more on this post. Arlen Specter has no idea what he is doing. My guess is he probably is either drunk or asleep, I can't be sure which it is, but I am sure it's one or the other. There are so many more important things that are facing this country right now then Spygate. I LOVE IT. The douche bag whistle, hell we need a douche bag siren that needs to go off everytime this dill hole opens his mouth.