Friday, May 2, 2008

First Idearc Golf Outing

Well we learned a few things yesterday at Stow acres.
1. Adam's parents live on a golf course and it shows.
2. If you lend Ben a club he may throw it.
3. Do Not lend Kevin your favorite shorts to play in.
4. Even if your bad don't swing away saying, "there is no way I'll hit into the group still on the green."
5. There is a good chance Jay will talk in your back swing.
6. There is a good chance if you put your jacket on the ground, Kevin will step on it.
7. Adam could be confused with Jim Nance with his uncanny ability to describe the atmosphere of the golf outing, from use of clubs to the pitch of the birds chirping in the background.
8. Kevin improves drasticly after warming up, and turns into John Daly on the last 4 holes.

Ty Webb Bull Dance
This is Natural Golf
Kevin and Ben preparing for greatness
Adam is Ty Webb
Nice Ripped shorts
Jay and Kev
Bing bong
Ben and Adam

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