Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bud Selig, are you retarded?

Come on Bud! Who the hell is this guy? Mr. Indecisive? Mr. I Don't Want To Endorse Baseball? Mr. Racist? Yep that's right... he's a racist! Well maybe that's a little overboard but he is absolutely rick-dick-u-lus. In a day when baseball is clouded by the big head of HGH and other performance enhancers, when stadiums like Tropicana only fill up during hurricane Katrina, and when all the fans want is someone to cheer for - the biggest "say so", Bud Selig, is saying nothing. He's not gonna ride the biggest wave in baseball history since the Iron Man, Cal Ripkin? How do you play 2131 games without steroids? I take them just to go to work everyday.


Barry isn't all that bad. I mean yeah he's an a***ole and yeah he doesn't deal with the public that well and yeah he kinda has a g** Michael Jackson voice but really he's not that bad. Not bad enough for Bud to absolutely cut him off. Bud is telling every fan in baseball that this in not right, that the sport is not "2 legit to quit", that we should all stop watching. This is the second biggest record in baseball history and Selig is a no show.

So Bud if you happen to see this...Hop on your private Jet, take an upper and go stand next to Barry with a red, white and blue sparkler in your hand. Cause your missing one hell of a photo opp you bitter S.O.B. you.

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Anonymous said...

you need a hug.