Friday, July 20, 2007

Would you trade Jon lester for Mark Teixeira?

We all know who and what Jon Lester is. What he may become is a different story. I want to Win NOW and I would like Mark Teixeira's Bat

It's obvious that we need hit and runs and more power and I for one am willing to give up something to get these numbers AVG .302 HR 13 RBI 45 OBP .410 SLG .552

Teixeira is younger than YOUK and we would have him next year as well. He put up those numbers for Baseball's worst team and in this lineup I feel he would and could do even more.

We have not had a #5 hitter for a long time, lets go get one.

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Anonymous said...

I would never trade Lester for Teixeira. Lester beat Cancer...Teixeira didn't beat shit...nuf said