Monday, July 23, 2007

Live - Red Sox vs Cleveland

To all those who wish to get live posts and respond live, grab a beer, put your feet up and enjoy!!


balls said...

7:05 - the typcial pre game speech, ohhh gave me chills. By the way, who's Jacob and why does he have a firld named after him. I see Lester is making a appearance...good for him. One of the few feel good stories of the year. (cough, Vick!) I'm not the Sox fan of Guyslivng...but I am a sports fan, so I hope Jon Lester pitches well.

balls said...

7:10 - Has anyone ever noticed that Coco looks like the character from Star Wars who was co-piloting the Falcon with Lando in the cloud city...just a thought.

By the way, Dustin is adorable in his uniform, he looks like a 12 year old out there.

balls said...

7:16 - who is hotter than Manny right now(A-Rod)?

Also, does Youk remind people of a pyscho killer who desperately needs a hug.

balls said...

7:18 - Ok, seriously who has Westbrook been hanging out with, NBA refs? Already up 3 nothing in the first, I think I see Mike Greenwell warming up to spell Manny?!?!?

balls said...

7:30 - Not a bad start for Jon Lester; a couple of hard hit balls, but it doesn't matter when you have the little one and C. Manson Jr. on the right side of the field.
By the way, whenever they show Lester's parents in the stands, I'm staring at the two girls in front of that bad?

balls said...

7:50 - So here is a thought...with Lester hopefuly returning healthy and throwing well....who are the 5 starters when The gaming wizard returns"?

Who do you sit? With Gabbard throwing well, and Lester earning a spot last year and returning now I'd be interested in seeing who Franny puts in his top 5.

jcon55 said...

Good Question, thats rare for you I understand!

What are the odds of everyone being healthy?

Lester and Gabbard have looked good so I do not know what you do. Wake is a .500 pitcher so i guess if you think you can do better than that you roll the dice there.(was that a NBA reference?)

balls said...

8:11 - Sizemore is dreamy!!

As far as the pitchers go, I think you need Wake as one of the 5; reason being he can give you inngings - something Schilling cannot. But as far as the young ones (gabbard, Lester) I think you let one take Julian Taveras's spot and keep the other one on stand by.

I still say Manny looks like a predator. Not the movie one....the one do to with Chris Hanson!

jcon55 said...

Lester still has to prove that he can keep his pitch count down and throw alot of innings. he is doing well but that was his problem last year, he was at 105 pitches in the 5th.

Not Good enough.

so this will probaly work itsself out.

So Balls ar you one of Gradies Ladies now????

You just like it that Haffner's knockname is Pronk which stands for project Donkey

balls said...

8:45 - by the way..some breaking news, Atlanta Falcons ordered Vick not to report to camp. Does that mean he gets to spend more time at human societies?

I give props to Jon Lester for his performance do far. but I don't think he'll last too much more.
Lets hope the rest of them can hold the lead.

balls said...

9:24 - ok, when I said that Manny was hot...well, a couple of K's is not too healthy.

Update - b/c I know that Red Sox fans need to know where the Yankees are...they are up 5-1 in the 5th. But again, they are playing the Royals.....Wait, didn't the Sox lose a couple of seris to the Royals?!?!??!?

balls said...

9:31 - correction..the NFL ordered Vick not to report to camp, but the Falcons.

Mike Timlin looks like the type that goes to high school parties wearing his '85 letterman jacket. The one with leather arms, while still hazing little kids. But that could be just me.

mal7355 said...

You two are scaring me!!!!! Strange fruits..