Monday, July 30, 2007

Boston Celtics - umm yes please

So, the Celtics took a page from the Bruins and pulled the trigger on a trade. Recently, the Bruins made a trade for a goalie...Yahoo!Sports reports that the Boston Celtics will now acquire Kevin Garnett from the Minnesota Timberwolves. This is a big trade for the Celtics and what most people will say, the East. Taking a look into what the C's gave up, it seems they are looking at winning now instead of building for the future. KG will lining up with Pierce, Ray Allen and others as they try to make the playoffs(please oh lord – and when I say lord I mean Larry Bird). So I think these big 3(which are not even close to the original Big 3 of Celtics lore from the 80’s - subtle shorts) have some pressure to perform. Since all of them are in their thirties and none of them have performed diddly-poo in the playoffs AND they gave away the core of their young nucleus….just saying I hope they perform well. To Danny Ainge – how many late night phone calls promising dinners to Kevin McHale did it take to make this deal?? Apparently the new Boston way…can’t win so we trade for the players….huh, weird, where have I seen this before?!?!?

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