Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Boston Sports

Somebody in Boston just got excited. First the Pats trade for Mr. Randy Moss. Then the Bruins go ahead and sign a bunch of bartenders..I mean hockey players. Then in the same day, Kevin Garnett and Eric Gagne arrive in Boston. I mean…to be honest…yup, there it goes, it twitched!?!?! Revolution, you are next on the board. At this point, the only thing that would surprise me is if they sign Pele to a 10 day contract. Besides the Sox adding another arm to their arsenal, they have the lead and fans are ready to go for the playoffs. The Patsy’s just started camp and it smells good. And now, I’m bringing out some old footage of the Chief banging against Bill Cartwright under the boards. As far as the two remaining starters for the Celts….I mean you could take two guys coming out of Cask n’ Flagons and throw some unies on them and they’ll still win 55 games.

I see good things, like the time I saw the Sox bring in Bob Stanley to close it…..too soon?

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